Trip Great Trek
17 days

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Trip Great Trek


17 days trip (14 days riding)

You can also see the details of this ride on our partner's website in the UK, In The Saddle.

2019 Departures

1- From the 19 June to the 05 July

2- From the 05 to the 21 July

3- From the 08 to the 24 July

4- From the 21 July to the 06 August

5- From the 24 July to the 09 August

6- From the 06 to the 22 August

7- From the 09 to the 25 August

8- From the 22 August to the 07 September

9- From the 25 August to the 10 September

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Price: 1800 euros. (flight not included). More details on prices.

All our rides are combined french-english, (translator(s) speak both languages).

In order to offer you better quality service, number of participants is limited to 10 persons (minimum 2).

More information:

Explore Kyrghyz mountains with this 350 km ride througout the Tien Shan range. Snow capped high plateaus, grandioses expanses of high steppe (called jaïloo) with many nomads camps watching their herds (mainly horses), steep passes, deep valleys and arid canyons. Experiment rewarding contact with the inhabitants of this area who seldom meet foreigners. Discover their secular way of life, in complete harmony with the wonderful nature of their land. Wandering through silk road archeological remains suggest what was the ambiance at this amazing time. Daily stages are 5 to 7hours. Many of our Kyrghyze horses can amble along, a very comfortable gait which enables you to stay in the saddle for hours without being tired.

Day 1 – Bichkek airport – Rot Front (Asiarando base).

From the airport, we take you to our base in the village of Rot Front, altitude 1100 m. Rest the whole day, after a small transfert in the afternoon in the mountains you meet your guides and your horses.

Day 2 to day 15.

Through high passes, canyons, torrents, you reach Son Kul lake 3000m high. Then ride in the middle of the « jailoo » (summer high pasture). You pass Ala Too range and come back to starting point.

All along the trip (more or less 350 km), you meet nomadic people in their authentic yurta, share their meals and their everydays life. You can watch how they make their own bread, their yoghurt and traditional dishes. You’re also invited to see the famous central asian mounted game, Ulak Tartish, and, if you feel like it, you can even participate. Crossing villages, you also meet sedentary people and share the hard life of these families living in remote places, working in the fields, breeding cattle. No matter what life is for them, they are always smiling !

On the way you can pick up medicinal herbs such as St John’s wort, marjoram, wild thyme, etc...

Day 16– Bishkek.

From Rot Front, we take you to the capital, Bishkek for a town trip, visit of museum, bazars, souvenirs and handicraft.

Day 17– Back to Europe.

We take you to the airport and assist you until the last minute.*

Focal points of this adventure:

Ask for more detailed program at or also on our partner's website in the UK: In The Saddle.

*This itinerary should be taken as a rough guide. Depending on the weather (mainly pass condition) it could sometimes be slightly modified without affecting its quality.

Price, specifications:

Price of the trip includes :
Transfer from/to the airport, transfers from Bishkek to the starting and arriving place of the trip, accomodation every night, equiped horses, guides, grooms, interpreter, tents, all meals, entrance fees in the botanical/zoological reserves.

Price of the trip does not include :
Transportation (plane or other) from the client's residence to Bishkek.
Fees for visas, vaccines, airport taxes.
Foam mattress supply, sleeping bag, personal things for riding, alcoolic drinks and extra food, individual insurance.

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