Horse Riding Trips in KYRGYZSTAN


-Trip Great Trek (17 days)-

-Trip Secret Kyrgyzstan (10 and 11 days)-



About the trips
Traveling and VISAS to Kirgyzstan


-You ride on local horses, prepared for high mountain trips, sturdy and obedient, living in herds the rest of the year.

-Riding equipment is provided, meeting european standard. You can bring your own saddle (you will be able to use it only if it fits tou the horse you ride during the trip).

-Personal things for the riding days are carried in saddle bags (provided, max load 5-7kg). The rest of your belongings travel with the supply truck.

-Accomodation is wether in guesthouses, tents,  or in yurtas when passing through summer pastures.

-Every trip is accompanied by :

  • a professional local guide, knowing flora and fauna.
  • an interpreter with English, French and Russian languages,
  • a local cook.
  • one or two horsemen.

All our trips are accompanied by a 4 wheel drive vehicle which meets the team everydays at camp, so that you can take only what you need for the day in your saddle bag.

WARNING : All trips stay several days at high altitude. Temperature may sometimes, but not often, be under zero degrees C° for a while, snowy and windy, even in summer. Warm clothing is necessary.

Entering yurtas, you should take off your shoes ; but, in spite of thick felter carpets, one get cold feet chatting with a cup of tea in front of you, so bring good socks or slippers !

Riding level and fitness

Good physical condition is recommended. We go through passes over 3800m but will not stay there a long time. Good riding skills is compulsory as well as basic horse care except for the trip "Son Kul".

Don’t forget :

  • suitable rain cloak
  • sleeping bag (at least -5 confort).
  • warm clothing (nights are cold at high altitude and big differences of temperature can occur in one day)
  • nice good hat (if you do not weat your hard hat)
  • Solar cream and sun glasses, moisturing cream for lips (preferabely with sun protection)
  • shoes for riding (avoid flat bottom boots, too slipery when walking)
  • torch

If you like it :

  • binoculars for watching wild animals (eagles, marmots,mouflons, Marco-polo sheep, etc…)
  • swimsuit
  • some postcards of your country to give to local people.

Note for photographs, the luminosity is quite high and some filters can be a good option (polarizing, UV...).




It is now possible and without any difficulties, to get your FREE 60 days touristic visa at your arrival in Bishkek airport.
Only condition: valid passport for at least six month from your entry date.

More info on the Kirghyz embassy site:

This procedure is in place since july 2012.

If necessary you can also get your visa at the Kyrgyz embassz in Brussels:

Ambassade du Kirghizstan à Bruxelles
47 rue de l'Abbaye / Abdjistraat
Tél:(32-2).640.18.68 / 38.83
Fax :(32-2).640.01.31
E-mail :

Flights for Bishkek, airport code "FRU"

The Cheaper:
Pegasus Asia, a new low cost company desserving Bishkek since 2013.
The classic companies:
The new ones:
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It's better booking up a long time before starting date for the flights are often full up.

Time difference with Europe : 4 hours (GMT+6).


Diphtéria/tétanus/polio recommended.


At the beginning and at the end of the trip, you can contact the rest of the world by Email, telephone or private express mail. During the trip, mobile phone can be used from some places (about 50% of the ride has cell phone coverage).

-Temperature and climate

The capital, Bishkek, is 800m above sea level. The climate is continental dry, very hot in summer in Bishkek and around (+ 30 to 40° C), by far cooler in the mountains. Many peaks are between 3500 and 7000 m and many passes are permanently covered with snow.


Is called "som" and divided in 100 teen. There are banknotes and coins. In Bishkek, almost all Banks can do every transaction you may need (transfert, credit card, etc...)
Have US dollars in 100 USD notes, in good condition, and posterior to 1996 for a better change. Euros are also welcome (notes of more than 50), the changing rate is beter than the US Dollar.

You can now take money with any credit card (difficult with Mastercard) in some banks and ATM, but it il preferable having some Dollars or Euros with you just in case it's not working !


Two official languages : Kyrgyz (turco-altaïc) and Russian. Almost everybody speaks Russian, except in remote villages where teaching is only in Kyrgyz.


Kyrgyzstan is a muslim country, though religion doesn't appear to be the main preoccupation of people, but don't wear mini-skirts or go without shirt, specially in the countryside.

-Facts about Kyrgyzstan

As in other muslim countries, one eat with right hand, the left one is "unclean".

Tea, the national drink, is served in small cups never filled up. It has to be filled very often. Offering a full cup of tea is considered as an invitation to go away.

Delicious local bread, called "nan" is broken by the chief of the family so as everybody can take a piece.

When invited for a meal, it is not rare getting up from the table and going away as soon as the meal is finished.

-Silk Road

Kyrgyzstan lies on the north branch of the great silk road, linking China to Europe, from the beginning of our millennium. Some of our trips are passing through these routes, where remains can be seen.

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