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Lying in the middle of Central Asia, Kyrgysztan is almost entirely covered by Tien Shan mountains (heavenly mountains). During centuries, caravans coming and going through the Great Silk Road have crossed the country, enabling big rich cities to arise, as attested by many archeological sites. Famous invaders such as Gengis Khan and Timur Leng played an important role in the history of the area. Such religions as Nestorian Christanism, Buddhism, Zoroastrism, and more recently Islam left their marks on the culture of the different ethnies of Central Asia.

Kyrgyz people is mainly a nation of nomads and shepherds. Herds of sheep, cows, yaks and, of course, horses still make their owner very proud. The chaban (local cow-boy) riding his horse watches his herds, pays a visit to his neighbours, spreading news from yurta to yurta (traditional dwelling made of felt).  Who has no horse has no feet  says a Kyrgyz proverb. It’s still true for it is far easier going through the mountains riding a horse than driving a car !

You are invited to discover this wonderfull land on horseback. You will never forget its untouched nature and its inhabitants, whose warm hospitality and kindness is still the same throughout centuries. Everyone you meet will be happy to exchange ideas and chat about a shared passion : Horse.

The scenery varies from lush valleys to semi-desertic plateaus, from deep forest to silent mountain lakes, from breathtaking picks to beautifull alpine meadows, … Every time you go through a pass, another surprise is awaiting you, another delight !

Choose one of two riding trips : the first lasts 18 days, the second 12 days. They have two things in common : Man and Horse !

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